Best Kind of Lost

Best Kind of Lost

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(Thai)sland Introduction

by Dave
January 6 – 10


Beach 4 copyHello, Thailand. It’s nice to see you again. A little over five years ago I spent a few weeks in Thailand and loved everything about it, so I was excited to get back and enjoy a second tour with m’lady. A few of our stops will be in places I have already been to, but our first one was new to both us. We figured we’d start our Thai adventure in style at one of the islands for which the country is famous, and after a “who’s who” of Thai island review, we honed in on Koh Samet. Because of Samet’s close proximity to Bangkok, the island idyll a popular weekend getaway for Bangkokians Bangkocians Bangkokites people from Bangkok. And by dumb luck, we timed our visit so that it started on a Monday, so less crowds. Point, Dave and Noelle. (EDITOR’S NOTE: But maybe we call it a draw after the ill-spent evening on Khao San Road before catching our connecting transportation to our island getaway, where I became acutely aware that I am absolutely not cool enough for Bangkok’s popular backpacker district…nor do I own shorts short enough…but more on that when we return to the capital in a few weeks. Definitely, definitely, no points earned.).

This buxom brass woman (mermaid) greets you as you arrive at the pier. Just fyi.

This buxom brass woman (mermaid?) greets you as you arrive at the pier. Just fyi.

Nearly empty.

Nearly empty.

Work it.

Work it.

Busy morning on XXXX beach.

Busy morning on Ao Phai beach. I’d love to see this place in low season…

Surprisingly underdeveloped, there are few cars navigating the single dirt road that crawls across the island. Beach-hopping from cove to sandy cove that line the Eastern coast is done by foot, and views of the jungle interior are always just a glance away. One reason for the minimal development on most of the island may be due to its designation as a national park, which also means all visitors are charged a 200 baht fee upon entry (setting you back a modest $6).

Wandering between beaches.

Wandering the rocky headlands between beaches.

These two were infinitely more ambitious than we were. If it couldn't be made with our feet while sitting on beach chairs, we weren't having it.

These two were infinitely more ambitious than we were. If it couldn’t be made with our feet while sitting on beach chairs, we weren’t having it.

These two...

The statues are a nod to the Thai legend about an exiled prince once held prisoner in an undersea kingdom before being rescued by a mermaid and escaping to Koh Samet where he defeats his former captor by playing a magic flute. Oldest trick in the book.

Another beach just a short walk away.

A view from one of the many beachfront bars on the island’s widest (and most frequented) stretch of sand, Hat Sai Kaew beach, just a short walk north from our paradise.

We found a cheap room on Ao Phai beach, we ate mediocre food that was more expensive than it should have been while overlooking the clear, blue Gulf of Thailand waters and we spent plenty of time on the beach.

Just before sunset.

The cloud-rippled sky just before sunset.

Enjoying a cold beverage on our first night.

Enjoying a cold beverage on our first night.

Looking back at our guesthouse's restaurant from the beach.

Looking back at our guesthouse’s (Jep’s Bungalows) restaurant from the beach. We ate nearly every meal at the affordable Tok’s next door.

Dinner on the beach.

Dinner at the atmospheric Kitt & Food.

With water lapping up close to our feet.

Our beachfront table, complete with water lapping at our feet.

Tasty noms on the beach.

Tasty noms. Specifically the spicy, mouth-watering Tom Yam soup, popular everywhere in Thailand.

I wish I had more to share, but when you spend four nights somewhere and eat most of your meals in the same place and sit the beach all day, there’s not much to talk about. Soooo, yeah.